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  Armand Appreciation Week ..

Armand Appreciation Week is September 1 - 7

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Each year, we celebrate Armand Week. In September, 2003, at the request of a fan, those dates were September 1 - 7. Coincidentally, that same year, those dates were also designated by Hiyami, another fan, who claims to have been the originator of the idea for Armand Appreciation Week. (Year unknown) When the request was made, we weren't aware that someone else had done the same, and these particular dates were chosen for a very special personal reason. In 2004, we honored our darling Armand from September 1 - 7 once again, and again for that special reason. This time, Hiyami designated the dates from September 6 - 12, so we honored those in addition to the September 1 - 7 dates. After all, showing appreciation for Armand for two weeks is better than one! :) In September, 2005, we celebrated Armand's Week from September 1st through 7th again, and will continue on with those dates, every year! When that time rolls around, or even before, you can feel free to copy and save the banner above to your own server, and upload it onto your site, to show your appreciation for Armand!