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Lorant Bedeau e-mail www United States His relationship with Marius~
Katelyn e-mail www United States His passion
Tania Rousseau www United States
Deena e-mail www United States Everything
Victor www Canada His life, He's mysterious and weird like me
Maria Isabel www Chile
Ryan e-mail www United States
Kera e-mail www Spain Just everything *.*
Sarah Elizabeth www United States He's beautiful...
Jesse e-mail www United States The way he deals with the past
Leila www Portugal Armand é, ao mesmo tempo decadente e poderoso, misterioso e imerso no mundo vampiresco, o que ressalta seus dotes de um submundo nobre e doentio... é uma ótima alusão à própria nobreza humana, cada vez mais decadente, perversa, sádica e atraente. SORRY BUT I CAN'T EXPLAIN IN ENGLISH...
Leah www Canada His ability to be sadistic while simultaneously being so innocent and cherubic.
Athena Reja www Hungary Everything
Christian e-mail www United States Everything
Louise www Poland His auburn hair...
Ada Swet www Romania His ethereal beauty that transcends all barriers of age and sex and his hidden dark side carefully camouflaged under a mask of innocence
Giada e-mail www Italy
The Hitchhiker www United States Armand, he's just this guy...
Kalyn King www United States I love his outlook on everything
Merivel www United States The happenings of his immortal life.
Paloma_Dove www St. Pierre/Miquelon
Sara e-mail www United States
Gabrielle Of Avallon www Russia Without him the poetry within me is dead
Sallyanna e-mail www Australia
Hiplove79 e-mail www United States
Millerna e-mail www Spain
Sabine www Netherlands Everything!
Kayla Lamia www United States Attitude
Deja Murray www United States He is so handsome
Darcy e-mail www Czech Republic

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