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Nikki www United States His pain
Nixx www Canada
Nualishta www Malaysia His characteristics
Obzedyon www Australia His bold insolence
Olga www Belarus
Oriana www Argentina
Paloma_Dove www St. Pierre/Miquelon
Pandora e-mail www United States
Pandora www United States That he's so beautiful and sweet and innocent and I admire that he grew up quickly and he is just a wonderful being.
Patricia www Brazil His face is like an innocent angel
PetiteSorciere e-mail www United States His angel face ^^
Pleasy Stay www Argentina ALL!!!!
PoisonGrl www Romania The passion
QueenAka www Spain I just love his enigmatic nature
Quinn E. Curch e-mail www United States
Railyn e-mail www Puerto Rico Everything. His contradictions. His beauty and his dark mind.
Randson www Brazil
Raquel www Brazil
Raven www United States His personality
Raven Grey www Scotland His auburn hair, his height, his utter disasterous belief in god.
Ravin e-mail www United States His background/mortal childhood
Rayven e-mail www United States
Raziel www United States Oh... it's impossible for me to narrow it down
Rebekah www Australia His hair
Red e-mail www Australia Himself
Reggie www United States
Rem www United States He has more character depth than most the others in the series
Renee Tavares e-mail www United States His strength and frailties
Ridia www United States He's a beautiful and intriguing character, regardless of the fact he does does not ever get enough face time (in my opinion, at least.) He facinates and intrigues me.
Risse www France

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