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Karina e-mail www United States His beauty and actions. ah that face
Setsuna_PT www Portugal Everything, he really is my favorite vampire from all :D Anne Rice forever
Tameki e-mail www Italy He's so vicious *_*
Holly Barecky e-mail www United States His logic, cynicality, and attitude.
Marie e-mail www United States
Maria Isabel Lefay www Chile It's hard to say what
Enza e-mail www United States
Bill www Monaco
Aya www Philippines
Romina www Chile
Angelfire www Romania Everything
Jeanne www Belgium All...
Scarlett www United States
Maskarad06 www Moldova We have much in common
Mikaela www Canada Amadeo. I love Amadeo too. they are basically different characters...His helplessness and his seduction and...everything else
Runegerd www Russia
Sebastian De Soir www England The mixes of innocence and half demon that he is. A creature that was guided by the meat pleasures and always looking for a truth that only The Lord can give to him (he says) Ok, let's enjoy our funeral party. Let's just smoke our bloody vampire poetry and drift away, just for a while.
Mina www United States His personality and meaning
Sheri www United States His dark past and his attitude
Alessya www Germany All! He's so beautiful and the saddest vampire on earth!
Kitiara www Spain He's beautiful yet tragic. He's awesome. What can't you love about him?
LadyDess e-mail www United States His heart, his mind, his soul
PetiteSorciere e-mail www United States His angel face ^^
Juan www Canada
Alex Wood www United States
Railyn e-mail www Puerto Rico Everything. His contradictions. His beauty and his dark mind.
Jessica www Canada Everything
Rosiel www China Everything
Guerin Van der Porten www Romania His trajic sexual essence
Maya www Croatia Actually...everything...

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