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Rob Miller www United States
Roisin www Ireland His attitude
Romeik e-mail www United States
Romina www Chile
Rosalind e-mail www United States His dependency on a group or person to be able to function, people always say Louis can't live by himself, but he fairs alone much better than Armand
Rosiel www China Everything
Roxanne www Australia His soul
Roxy e-mail www Austria
Runegerd www Russia
Ryan www France His interaction with others.
Ryan e-mail www United States
Ryoko www United States
Sabine www Netherlands Everything!
Sallyanna e-mail www Australia
Sam www United States His looks
Sandra Cooke www United States His quest to no longer remain without true love
Sandy www United States Heart
Sara www South Korea
Sara e-mail www United States
Sarah www United States His beauty.
Sarah Elizabeth www United States He's beautiful...
Sarah Snell e-mail www United States
Scarlet e-mail www United States Beauty
Scarlett www United States
Sean www United States
Sebastian De Soir www England The mixes of innocence and half demon that he is. A creature that was guided by the meat pleasures and always looking for a truth that only The Lord can give to him (he says) Ok, let's enjoy our funeral party. Let's just smoke our bloody vampire poetry and drift away, just for a while.
Seefrau www Russia
Serenity www United States I love everything about Armand.
Seth e-mail www United States Amadeo : one who loved God the idea of the vampire ascending to heaven as perceived in Memnoch the devil
Setsuna_PT www Portugal Everything, he really is my favorite vampire from all :D Anne Rice forever

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