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Amber e-mail www United States Everything
Ambrosia www United States His words, his lost of innocence, his unique ways
Ameena www Italy Everything!
Amelia www United States Everything...
Amordi www Australia Everything.
Amy www England Everything
AmyBrown e-mail www United States
Amy Hughes www United States There is nothing not to love...
Amédée www Chile Everything
Andariel www Philippines Him....he's my amadeo
Andi e-mail www Poland Mystery and beauty
Ando www Austria
Andrie e-mail www United States
Andrisima e-mail www United States
Andrisima e-mail www United States
Andyer www United States He's a brocken soul....
Angel e-mail www Ireland I JUST LOOOOOOOVE HIIIIIIIIIIIM!!!!!!
Angelfire www Romania Everything
Angelina e-mail www Sweden So serious, cold and still romantic. And bit of a snob too...beautiful.
Angelique Zorena Sanchez www Philippines His Beauty
Angie www Austria
Aniki e-mail www Mayotte
Anna www South Africa
Anna www Venezuela Everything... it's hard to describe... but I think it's his personality and beauty... everything about him!
Anna www Venezuela Everything, he is just like a Dark, Beautiful, Dangerous Angel... I love him!!!!!
Anna www Austria
Annam Rozina Butt www England Everything!!!! mainly his hair
Annette e-mail www Singapore
Antonia www Canada I love his ambiguousy, he can be angelic, or devilish, female or male, he is, in my opinion, a perfect representation of somekind of humanity.
April www United States He sounds lovely

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