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29 www Ivory Coast *-*MyOnlyLoveAmadeo*-*
Danielle www United States I love Armand because he is so clever and seductive. You never know what his motives are and he just one unique character.
Zuriel www Australia Personality
Serenity www United States I love everything about Armand.
Rem www United States He has more character depth than most the others in the series
Patricia www Brazil His face is like an innocent angel
Alessia www Italy ALL!
Alysia www United States His Looks. XD
Morbid Romantic www United States
Obzedyon www Australia His bold insolence
Siana e-mail www United States
Julien Crochard www Austria Everything
Dita e-mail www United States his beauty
Iris www Germany Everything
Twan www United States His hair
Hege N. e-mail www Norway Everything...
Sandra Cooke www United States His quest to no longer remain without true love
Yadira Conchas e-mail www United States His eternal 'youth'
Melissa Trexler www United States Everything.
Soror Ava e-mail www Australia
Lyndan www United States He is just...deep. Mysterious. I suppose it is his profound innocence.
Amanda www Italy All!
Amadeus www Russia He is like me%)
Andariel www Philippines Him....he's my amadeo
Lynsey www Austria EVERYTHING!!!!!!(especially his schexyness hehehe^_^)
Cristina Casimiro www Philippines Calm and Gorgeous!
Grecia B. www United States Everything
Araiyan Undomiel www Australia He's Passion
Angel e-mail www Ireland I JUST LOOOOOOOVE HIIIIIIIIIIIM!!!!!!
Freya Wolfsbane www Australia His innocence

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