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Britt e-mail www United States I love Armand because he's so giving to his companions and loves them always (Lestat, Louis, Daniel, Marius ...etc)
Buruma e-mail www United States character
C. www United States
Callum e-mail www England His sheer brilliance
Cara www United States
Carrie e-mail www United States
Carroll e-mail www Taiwan
Cassiel www Venezuela All, he's perfect
Catherie www United States Imperfections Daniel
Cathy www Canada He's innocent but sinister at the same time
Celeste e-mail www United States
Chanel www Italy Armand is deadly and sweet at the same time...
Charlotte www United States His personality
Charlotte Violet www United States Everything.
Cheri www England He's beautiful. Even as a Vampire he is somewhat pure hearted.
Cherry Calavera www Germany Everything...
Cheryl www England His history, how he was born to the damned. His seductive nature and power intrigues me!
Cheryl Watson www Scotland Personality
Chloe www Scotland Romance
Christian e-mail www United States Everything
Christine www United States His love towards Marius
Claire e-mail www England Everything, hes just him- effortlessly
Claire Searcy www United States He's gorgous!
Clare e-mail www England
Claudia www Argentina He isn't predictable
Claudia www United States Everything
Clo www France
Constance www England His lost innocence
Craigtema www Mexico
Cris e-mail www United States

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