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G. e-mail www Russia
Gabriela www Peru All
Gabrielle www Sao Tome/Principe
Gabrielle Of Avallon www Russia Without him the poetry within me is dead
Gantaeno e-mail www England
Gekka www United States Every freaking thing!!!!
Giada www Italy Everything
Giada e-mail www Italy
Gina www Mexico How his life has been, how he acts, his physical appearance, his innocence not so innocent...
Gina Amor www Philippines He's sexy
Grace www England Facial expressions/ his hair!
Grecia B. www United States Everything
Guerin Van der Porten www Romania His trajic sexual essence
Hachiko e-mail www Italy
Hairac www Italy All
Hanna www United Kingdom
Hannah e-mail www England His innocence
Hayley www United States His sensuality
Hege N. e-mail www Norway Everything...
Hiplove79 e-mail www United States
Holly www Canada
Holly Barecky e-mail www United States His logic, cynicality, and attitude.
Iren www Russia
Iris www Germany Everything
Ivy e-mail www United States Everthing, he's perfect
Izabella www Poland
Jade West www England
Jadwiga www Russia
Jane e-mail www United States
Jaslyn www United States His mysteriousness

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