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Kim e-mail www United States That he can be so evil but so passionate and loving.
Kimberly e-mail www United States He's really sexy, he has a great sexuality. He's the best badass vampire.
Kinga www Hungary
Kira e-mail www England Impossible to choose, I just love him.
Kitiara www Spain He's beautiful yet tragic. He's awesome. What can't you love about him?
Kizna www England
Kris www United States His beauty
Kris e-mail www United States Everything.
Kriss e-mail www Poland
Kristin www United States
Kristina www England A pure innocent face hides the dark beauty inside
Kuroi e-mail www United States Everything.
Lacy e-mail www United States
Lacy e-mail www United States
La Dame à la Licorne www France All...
Lade e-mail www United States The way he's not afraid to use his sexuality.
LadyDess e-mail www United States His heart, his mind, his soul
Lady Psycho 14 e-mail www United States His Care his loved ones
Lauren www United States How he is so innocent and lost without Marius
Laycia e-mail www China
Leah www Canada His ability to be sadistic while simultaneously being so innocent and cherubic.
Leila www Portugal Armand é, ao mesmo tempo decadente e poderoso, misterioso e imerso no mundo vampiresco, o que ressalta seus dotes de um submundo nobre e doentio... é uma ótima alusão à própria nobreza humana, cada vez mais decadente, perversa, sádica e atraente. SORRY BUT I CAN'T EXPLAIN IN ENGLISH...
Lena www Serbia Romantic (hetero)
Lhyiar www England He is truly immortal but truly human
Lin e-mail www Chile His characterization
Lina www Sweden Everything
Logan Craig www Australia
Lorant Bedeau e-mail www United States His relationship with Marius~
Lorraine www Ireland
Lorrainen e-mail www Ireland Whats not to love?

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