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Verdrehte Engel www Russia
Julia www Germany Everything, but most that he is unpredictable
Lade e-mail www United States The way he's not afraid to use his sexuality.
Cara www United States
Ashleigh e-mail www New Zealand
Tia www Hungary
Naroki www United States He has a classy personality and seems to be the most charming of all the VC characters
Laycia e-mail www China
Ato www United States His hair
Alba e-mail www Spain Everything!!
Sophia e-mail www United States His sensuality
Seth e-mail www United States Amadeo : one who loved God the idea of the vampire ascending to heaven as perceived in Memnoch the devil
Jessuah www United States Memories
Jaslyn www United States His mysteriousness
Damnedgirl www Slovakia He looks like Botticelli angel
Amédée www Chile Everything
Anna www Venezuela Everything... it's hard to describe... but I think it's his personality and beauty... everything about him!
Sarah www United States His beauty.
Maggie www Canada
Zia Jacobs www United States
Nicole www United States His personality
Kizna www England
Kikaria www United States
Aleera www France How he feels everything, how he loves...
Annam Rozina Butt www England Everything!!!! mainly his hair
MBalan e-mail www Brazil
xXoTiCc www United States Sadness & simple grace, baby! He is complexity embodied. He is a beautiful, broken soul.
Carroll e-mail www Taiwan
Fiona e-mail www England Personality
Mina Lilith www United States His pain

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