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29 www Ivory Coast *-*MyOnlyLoveAmadeo*-*
A www Mexico He's there, watching things coming and going, eternal, he sees many people pass through him, he is the oldest one... and it's my proudly name
Abrielle www United States His beauty and wisdom.
Acir e-mail www Romania Anything
Ada Swet www Romania His ethereal beauty that transcends all barriers of age and sex and his hidden dark side carefully camouflaged under a mask of innocence
Adriasta e-mail www United States Everything
Adrienne www Canada
Aidan www United States
Akemi www Spain His beauty, his devotion to God, his culture, the way he talks, the clothes he wears, his voice (though I have never heard it xD) and so much more. He's just the perfect vampire.
Akira Hekatera e-mail www Australia
Akusaa e-mail www United States Everything.
Alba e-mail www Spain Everything!!
Aleera www France How he feels everything, how he loves...
Alessia www Italy ALL!
Alessya www Germany All! He's so beautiful and the saddest vampire on earth!
Alexandra www Poland Because he is so... beautiful... ;*
Alexia www United States everything
Alex Wood www United States
Alia www Canada
Alia www Romania
Alice www Sweden What's not there to love? He's the frosty child of darkness...
Allekssandra www United States Everything
Alohagal www Mexico
Alysia www United States His Looks. XD
Amadeo www United States Everything
Amadeo www Mexico
Amadeo Staton www United States Everything
Amadeus www Russia He is like me%)
Amanda www United States His Deep Haunted Eyes, through which you can feel his soul.
Amanda www Italy All!

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