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Antonia www Canada I love his ambiguousy, he can be angelic, or devilish, female or male, he is, in my opinion, a perfect representation of somekind of humanity.
ArawanMortis www Canada His calm, serene personality
Callum e-mail www England His sheer brilliance
Kim e-mail www England His looks
AmyBrown e-mail www United States
Cheryl www England His history, how he was born to the damned. His seductive nature and power intrigues me!
Raquel www Brazil
Elzia e-mail www United States
Belzebeth www Canada
Claudia www Argentina He isn't predictable
Milly www Poland
Risse www France
Andyer www United States He's a brocken soul....
Lauren www United States How he is so innocent and lost without Marius
Rebekah www Australia His hair
Angie www Austria
Cheryl Watson www Scotland Personality
Baby e-mail www United States He simply rocks.
Olga www Belarus
Jo www United States Everything.
Angelina e-mail www Sweden So serious, cold and still romantic. And bit of a snob too...beautiful.
Valmont www Mexico Everything
Lady Psycho 14 e-mail www United States His Care his loved ones
Boon www Poland His character
Logan Craig www Australia
Sam www United States His looks
Chanel www Italy Armand is deadly and sweet at the same time...
Kami e-mail www Russia His faith
Ryan www France His interaction with others.
Adriasta e-mail www United States Everything

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