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Nixx www Canada
Silje www England His personality, hair and background - most of all, his innocent need for a Master
Lhyiar www England He is truly immortal but truly human
Charlotte Violet www United States Everything.
Anna www Austria
Tímea www Hungary First:his redhead, he's the perfect vampire, his passion, and...not everything coz it's not enough:)
Danielle www United States The despair and loneliness he feels, so like my own...
Anna www South Africa
Simon www Canada His hair and eyes as well his personality
Anna www Venezuela Everything, he is just like a Dark, Beautiful, Dangerous Angel... I love him!!!!!
Arie www United States Eternal adult/child of beauty.
Briana www United States Everything
Kris e-mail www United States Everything.
Lovorka www Croatia Mistics
Grace www England Facial expressions/ his hair!
Nico www United States Keen wit, cunning & determination & ambition to have his desires, no matter the cost.
Ryoko www United States
Michelle www United States His Blood
Eire www United States His entire being, XD
Sweety www Romania Everything
Meghanne www United States His passion and devotion to his companions and the love he has for them
Sherrie e-mail www United States
Alice www Sweden What's not there to love? He's the frosty child of darkness...
Amanda www United States His Deep Haunted Eyes, through which you can feel his soul.
Devon e-mail www United States His eyes
Aries www Canada Everything
Sibana www Puerto Rico Everything, his attitude his eyes and most of all his relationship with Marius
Clo www France
Vincent de Silverouse www England His appearance; half innocent, half dark.
Gabrielle www Sao Tome/Principe

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