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Xanthein www United States His mind
Amelia www United States Everything...
Natashya www Ireland Everything!
Alohagal www Mexico
Raven www United States His personality
Akusaa e-mail www United States Everything.
Reggie www United States
Nualishta www Malaysia His characteristics
Marleigh www Canada
Bachelorette www Russia
Raven Grey www Scotland His auburn hair, his height, his utter disasterous belief in god.
Kristina www England A pure innocent face hides the dark beauty inside
Mistress Crow_2 www United States Personality & his Botticelli angel appearance.
Nate e-mail www England Everything
Allekssandra www United States Everything
Zhekwe www United States I love how adventurous he is, his intelligence, and much more
Tom Simon www Canada His knowledge
Ashley Bednar www United States Sexy eyes
La Dame la Licorne www France All...
Ameena www Italy Everything!
Timlucier www Canada Everything
Viol www Poland His brown curls! *^^*
Holly www Canada
Monika www Poland Everything
Kim e-mail www United States That he can be so evil but so passionate and loving.
Ravin e-mail www United States His background/mortal childhood
Marina www Romania
Sybelle-Immortalis e-mail www United States His heart, what else?
Vickie www United States everything
Christine www United States His love towards Marius

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