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Akira Hekatera e-mail www Australia
Hairac www Italy All
Sydney Lee www United States His evil innocence
Melody www United States Everything! He is the best character, forever younge and beatiful!
Charlotte www United States His personality
Ivy e-mail www United States Everthing, he's perfect
Sol www Argentina
Nancy e-mail www United States
Lucía www Argentina Everything ;)
DarkOne e-mail www United States His eternity
Australie Barclay www Canada
Roisin www Ireland His attitude
Ken Castro www Philippines His haunting dark beauty tampred by innocence, faith and love
Khadeja www Mauritius His ability to use innocence as a way of being so damn sexy
Adrienne www Canada
Alia www Romania
Amadeo www Mexico
Hannah e-mail www England His innocence
Aidan www United States
Seefrau www Russia
Amadeo www United States Everything
Raziel www United States Oh... it's impossible for me to narrow it down
Miriam www Italy
Angelique Zorena Sanchez www Philippines His Beauty
Gantaeno e-mail www England
Medri www Lithuania
Rayven e-mail www United States
Kira e-mail www England Impossible to choose, I just love him.
Jessica Wilson www United States Everything
Amadeo Staton www United States Everything

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