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Morgain www United States The sadness about him.
Natsu www United States His angelic appearance, personality, and his unsated desire for love and to be loved.
Pandora www United States That he's so beautiful and sweet and innocent and I admire that he grew up quickly and he is just a wonderful being.
Bobby www United States
Katherina www Poland He's so sweet and I love him :)
Pleasy Stay www Argentina ALL!!!!
Cheri www England He's beautiful. Even as a Vampire he is somewhat pure hearted.
Quinn E. Curch e-mail www United States
Stephania www Ecuador
Yolanda www United States
Shayla e-mail www Canada Everything
Amy www England Everything
Evangeline e-mail www France There is nothing I can name in which I love him for. I merely do.
Lorrainen e-mail www Ireland Whats not to love?
Jena www United States EVERYTHING!
Amber e-mail www United States Everything
Gekka www United States Every freaking thing!!!!
PoisonGrl www Romania The passion
Cherry Calavera www Germany Everything...
QueenAka www Spain I just love his enigmatic nature
Acir e-mail www Romania Anything
K. e-mail www China
Maria Sizyakova e-mail www England
Ridia www United States He's a beautiful and intriguing character, regardless of the fact he does does not ever get enough face time (in my opinion, at least.) He facinates and intrigues me.
Meg www United States
Roxy e-mail www Austria
Claudia www United States Everything
Lin e-mail www Chile His characterization
Joy www England
Elysium www Finland

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