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Cassiel www Venezuela All, he's perfect
Sean www United States
Willow Malice www United States Everything
Kinga www Hungary
Spark e-mail www Australia Everything!!!
Jadwiga www Russia
Luz www Venezuela
Amordi www Australia Everything.
Beatriz www Mexico His beautiful face and freeze blood
Renee Tavares e-mail www United States His strength and frailties
Hachiko e-mail www Italy
Randson www Brazil
Fey e-mail www England He's just always been my favourite
Valeria e-mail www Belarus
Evanna www Mexico Because he's a handsome, cute, awesome vampire, of course
Jade West www England
Ashmancometh e-mail www United States Totality of character
Oriana www Argentina
Kimberly e-mail www United States He's really sexy, he has a great sexuality. He's the best badass vampire.
Makubex www Philippines His mystery
Bex www England His relationshiop with Lestat
Rosalind e-mail www United States His dependency on a group or person to be able to function, people always say Louis can't live by himself, but he fairs alone much better than Armand
Mindy e-mail www United States
April www United States His sexuality and how angelic he is
Katherine e-mail www Brazil His personality
Amy Hughes www United States There is nothing not to love...
Akemi www Spain His beauty, his devotion to God, his culture, the way he talks, the clothes he wears, his voice (though I have never heard it xD) and so much more. He's just the perfect vampire.
Ashley www United States He's very interesting
Hayley www United States His sensuality
MirandaKay www United States

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