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April www United States His sexuality and how angelic he is
Araiyan Undomiel www Australia He's Passion
ArawanMortis www Canada His calm, serene personality
Ariana www Romania white rose
Arie www United States Eternal adult/child of beauty.
Aries www Canada Everything
Artemis www Burkina Faso His pure heart...
Ashleigh e-mail www New Zealand
Ashley www United States He's very interesting
Ashley Bednar www United States Sexy eyes
Ashmancometh e-mail www United States Totality of character
Athena Reja www Hungary Everything
Ato www United States His hair
Australie Barclay www Canada
Aya www Philippines
Baby e-mail www United States He simply rocks.
Bachelorette www Russia
Beatriz www Mexico His beautiful face and freeze blood
Belzebeth www Canada
Bernadette e-mail www United States
Bex www England His relationshiop with Lestat
Bianca e-mail www United States
Bill www Monaco
Bloody_Rose e-mail www England Eyes hair personality elegance EVERYTING!!!
Bobby www United States
Boon www Poland His character
Brasseur Lola e-mail www Belgium
Brenda e-mail www United States
Briana www United States Everything
Britannia www Argentina Everything

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