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Amy www England Everything
Annam Rozina Butt www England Everything!!!! mainly his hair
Bex www England His relationshiop with Lestat
Bloody_Rose e-mail www England Eyes hair personality elegance EVERYTING!!!
Callum e-mail www England His sheer brilliance
Cheri www England He's beautiful. Even as a Vampire he is somewhat pure hearted.
Cheryl www England His history, how he was born to the damned. His seductive nature and power intrigues me!
Claire e-mail www England Everything, hes just him- effortlessly
Clare e-mail www England
Constance www England His lost innocence
Fey e-mail www England He's just always been my favourite
Fiona e-mail www England Personality
Gantaeno e-mail www England
Grace www England Facial expressions/ his hair!
Hannah e-mail www England His innocence
Jade West www England
Joy www England
Kim e-mail www England His looks
Kira e-mail www England Impossible to choose, I just love him.
Kizna www England
Kristina www England A pure innocent face hides the dark beauty inside
Lhyiar www England He is truly immortal but truly human
Maria Sizyakova e-mail www England
Michele Wood www England His innocence
Nate e-mail www England Everything
Sebastian De Soir www England The mixes of innocence and half demon that he is. A creature that was guided by the meat pleasures and always looking for a truth that only The Lord can give to him (he says) Ok, let's enjoy our funeral party. Let's just smoke our bloody vampire poetry and drift away, just for a while.
Silje www England His personality, hair and background - most of all, his innocent need for a Master
Vincent de Silverouse www England His appearance; half innocent, half dark.
émilie www England His attitude towards things and his seductiveness

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